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Our company was founded upon the belief that small and medium sized businesses should be able to benefit from the same financial management techniques used by big corporations to enhance profits and business valuation without having to pay huge sums for sophisticated level financial business advice..

During his career in public accounting our founder realized there was a huge need for advising small and medium sized business owners on matters of finance and proper structuring of their companies. Almost universally he found that while they may be great technicians and experts in their craft their business management skills were less than optimal. This lack of expertise led to many expensive and often painful miss-steps, and sometimes even outright business failure.

After ten years working in the public sector he sought employment in the corporate world, including finance positions in global conglomerates, and after a dozen years of honing advanced analytical skills knew exactly what was needed to help businesses maximize their opportunities for increased profits and business valuation. He decided to form a CPA firm with the objective of helping business owners maximize their opportunities for profits and equity growth. After 10+ years of successfully running this business he realized there were too many distractions with the day to day management of the practice to allow him to fully focus on his passion, helping businesses succeed. He has completed the development of the systems and processes to successfully implement his dream, and is now available to help create financial CERTAINTY for the company's clients.

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