Catastrophic Business Interruption Strategies Assessment

If you don’t have a current Covid-19 pandemic business continuation plan we can help you create one. Certainty Business Centers is now offering, at no charge or obligation, our Catastrophic Business Interruption Strategies Assessment to the business community. There is a lot of uncertainty and confusion caused by this unexpected, catastrophic business interruption, and we are here to help. Our assessment will consist of: 


Evaluation of current cash position and cash flows during the crisis: 

    o Expected revenues 

            Analysis of your customers and their continued ability to pay 

    o Expected expenditures 

            Analysis of your suppliers and their continued ability to provide goods and services 

    o Expected payroll costs 

    o Debt service requirements 

           Potential for deferrals/forbearance/forgiveness 

    o Other contractual obligations 

    o Owner cash flow requirements

Evaluation of additional potential sources of funding: 

    o Existing credit facilities 

    o Government assistance 

          Tax payment deferrals, credits and other benefits 

          SBA Programs 

                Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) 

                Paycheck Protection Programs (PPP) 

Report summarizing the assessment and suggested courses of action to survive the pandemic and ensure continued operations.

Discussions with principals to review assessment, possible courses of action and outline of a plan to optimize opportunities for business continuation. 

For a confidential consultation call us at (702) 717-2278 or e-mail us at We want to help! 


Income Tax Services

Compliance Package Bookkeeping

Income Tax Services


Skilled income tax planning and preparation for businesses, individuals, estates and trusts. You work hard to earn your money - let us help you legally pay the lowest tax allowed under the tax code. Are you being audited? The government is aggressively examining taxpayers' returns with the objective of taking more of your hard earned money. This is no time to go at it by yourself - you need a skilled professional to advocate on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected and the outcome is fair and correct. Perhaps you are behind on filing your taxes or have a large unpaid tax bill? We can get you current on your filings and negotiate your tax liability on your behalf for a settlement you can live with, and keep you in compliance with income tax laws.

Business Entities

Compliance Package Bookkeeping

Income Tax Services


Is your business properly structured for maximum tax efficiency and liability protection? You may be paying more in taxes than is necessary because you do not have the appropriate structure in place for your particular situation.  Without the proper structure in place everything you own is at risk, not only from tax agencies but also from lawsuits. A properly structured organization can provide protection from both. Let us review your goals and current situation to see what opportunities exist for you to improve your chances of success.

Compliance Package Bookkeeping

Compliance Package Bookkeeping

Compliance Package Bookkeeping


Our compliance package will accurately summarize your business income and expenses on a cash basis to provide you with the information needed to correctly prepare your income tax returns on the cash basis. Cash basis financials recognize income when it is received and expenses when they are paid. Accurate cash basis financials can reduce your tax audit exposure by properly classifying your business income and expenses, thereby reducing your risk of additional tax assessments in the case of tax audits.

Accuracy Package Bookkeeping

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package

Compliance Package Bookkeeping


Cash basis bookkeeping may be appropriate for tax reporting, however if you are looking to maximize your opportunities for profits and business value accrual basis financials are critical. Revenues are recorded as earned as opposed to when received, and expenses are recorded as incurred as opposed to when paid. Cash basis financials are subject manipulation based on cash flow and can tell the wrong story. Accrual basis financials provide an accurate reflection of how your business is really performing, providing invaluable data crucial to managing cash flow, increasing profits and business value.

Profit Building Package

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package


This is where the finance function changes gears from reporting historical information to becoming an invaluable predictor of the future. By analyzing accurate historical financial results a business can now effectively create a financial plan for the future. Having accurate accrual financials as a baseline provides management the capability of creating forecasts and budgets that gets them to the desired profits each year. Actual results are compared to expected results on a monthly basis and the major drivers of the variances are identified, enabling management to quickly adapt as needed to achieve the desired results in maximizing profit.

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package

Profitability and Business Valuation Maximization Package


This level of service provides maximum opportunities for consistent profitability and steady increases in the value of your business year over year. By applying the best of proven methodologies utilized by Fortune 1000 corporations the small to medium sized business can enjoy the same opportunities for stellar profits and growth as the big boys. Bench-marking, trend, ratio and ROI analyses are some of the techniques that are utilized to maximize opportunities for improvement and identify problem areas for immediate remediation. Companies are now able to create the detailed financial roadmap crucial to enabling them to reach or exceed their long term goals.

This package is reserved for business owners that are truly committed to maximizing the success of their companies.